Being hot and sticky in summer time is bothersome and When your A/C runs continuously it can become expensive and bothersome. As we approach the summer months, it is a great time to troubleshoot the common causes of the A/C running daily prior to getting hot under the collar.

It turns out, if your air conditioner Appears to be conducting Constantly, there are a number of quick troubleshooting tips you can follow to either fix the issue or find the origin of your problem…

And in today’s post I will show you just what to Look for (many of the issues can be cared for ) and ways you can keep them from happening.

There Are Many reasons why your A/C system might seem to Be running non-stop. The truth is, this might not always be a bad thing. Some of the reasons might signal a issue with your machine and others may alert you to additional issues within your home which you are able to take steps to fix.

7 Common Reasons Your A/C Runs Non-Stop

  1. Improper Dimensions and Installation Can be Damaging

It’s important to start our discussion with this truth: “a properly sized, energy-efficient central air-conditioning system will run fairly continuously from the summer to keep up a continuous, desired temperature in your home. These systems function at their greatest efficiency level when allowed to do their work at”full tilt”

Unit Too Small: In case a central air conditioner is too Small, then it will need to work harder to cool your dwelling. As time passes, this will raise the wear and tear on your own unit and reduce its life. You will also never attain the desirable coolness in your house, although the system runs frequently. Additionally, disputes will probably be anticipated.

Unit Too Big: If your machine is too large, it won’t Effectively eliminate moisture in the atmosphere in your home, leading to an outcome signal of moist, clammy air. It is going to really have shorter run times since it ought to and use excessive quantities of power, leading to higher utility bills.

Relative to the size of your air conditioning unit. If your ducts are the incorrect size, then they might not have the capability to handle the airflow or spread cool air economically to all parts of the house.

75% of Air-conditioning problems can be resolved by the Correct process of installation in combination with the right-sized air conditioning unit.

To fix quickly. It’s as simple as checking your own filter.

  1. Check Your Air Filter to Immediate Relief

If it’s been awhile, it’s probably filthy limiting air flow. This can cut back on the amount of cool air your own air purifier can create, which in turn will create your A/C appear to run through the day. Whenever your air filter is clogged, your air handler must work harder to compensate.

Can you think the most Frequent reason a HVAC breaks Is because of a dirty filter?

A dirty filter leaves the system work harder inducing it to be overheat. Fixing the debris that builds on your filters will help with the stream of air. Wash or replace your filters after a month or two as recommended by the producer.

Without sufficient air flowing over the coils, then the system can’t Eliminate humidity and cool the atmosphere to the established temperature, therefore that it keeps running as it should not.

That brings us to another chance…

  1. Air Conditioner Coils Covered in Dirt?

Dirt, in the form of grass clippings, pet or mud will Block the air stream.

What occurs with reduce air flow? …

Diminished performance. (reduced energy efficiency and maybe A/C runs nonstop )

Homeowners should have a service technician perform a system Check up annually. They will inspect your condenser and evaporator coils.

Condenser coils Have to Be cleaned Because They’re exposed To the out door components. It’s possible to keep condenser coil efficiency by simply hosing down the unit. Turn off any electrical power initially to your system.

The evaporator coils are more difficult to get . The visual check Isn’t as straightforward as the condenser coils. But they are in need of care too.

Griffith Energy Services sums it up well…

“Because the evaporator coil is always exposed to Airflow circulated by the blower, it is vulnerable to buildup of dirt or dust. When airborne particles produce a layer on coil surfaces, then efficiency of the all-important heat transfer in the atmosphere into the effluent is diminished. This can result in poor cooling system and greater operating costs as the system runs more”on” cycles to fulfill thermostat settings.”

Annual maintenance is the Secret to removing this unwanted dirt And dust.

  1. Thermostat Not Working – Here’s What to Do

If your system seems to never shut off, then there may be an It can be that your house has reached the proper temperature, however the thermostat isn’t registering the requirements in the house. In cases like this, your own A/C unit will keep on running.

1 way to check the thermostat would be to put another Thermometer close to the location of the thermostat. Following an hour or two, check the reading. If it’s at or near your preferred home temperature, then there might be a issue with your thermostat.

Thermostats Are Generally reliable but they can Encounter problems. HomeGuides explains step by step How to Tell if Your Thermostat is Bad.

Following is a brief 2 step procedure to get the ball rolling…

Step 1: Place the thermostat at least 5 levels lower or higher Than your normal setting, based on the year. Set it 5 levels lower during cooling . Check the system is sold on.

Step 2: Verify the thermostat is properly set to Check that the main circuit breaker for your air conditioner is in the”On” position.

Should you find these measures did not immediately fix the Problem, Continue to troubleshoot by turning the power”off” to your ac system at its proper circuit breaker. It’s possible to keep on with the steps offered by home guides.

  1. Air Leaks or Poor Insulation – Time to Seal

Poor sealing or insufficient insulation is another frequent Culprit that may cause your unit to operate constantly and inefficiently. If your house is not closed up tight if your A/C process is currently in use, you might be losing that valuable cool air that you need during the summer through little pockets or non-insulated walls or roof.

If you are dropping the cool air This Way, Your House may Never reach your desired temperature, causing the A/C device to operate more than required. Our associated article: 8 No Cost Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency offers you some history on why sealing and insulating your home is so significant, especially for A/C efficiency.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating describes How Basement The theory relies upon the”law that cold air is denser and heavier than heat. Through the summer, the pressure created by the hot outdoor atmosphere pushes air conditioned atmosphere lower.”

If there are air leaks into your cellar, the air is forced out. This can negatively affect your summer cooling bills.

  1. Air Conditioning Unit Needs Maintenance

As stated, Ac units require regular maintenance To keep on running smoothly, much as with other appliances in your dwelling. Ideally, upkeep should happen twice per year, in the spring prior to the warm weather strikes and in the early fall after things have cooled off and it is no longer in use. If your system is not clean, such as your ducts, coils and air filter, you will probably encounter airflow issues and ineffective biking.

A professional technician will check to make sure every thing Is sterile and clean. He/she will replace worn parts and confirm the thermostat is working properly. Normal maintenance of your A/C unit will not only help ensure your unit is in great working order, it will also prolong the life span of your cooling system.

  1. Your Unit is Mature And Has to Be Replaced

Air conditioners have a life span. Even if your unit has Been properly preserved, it will gradually wear out.

Now, you may want to consider replacing your old, Inefficient unit using a brand new one. This will save you money in the long run, because newer models run a lot more efficiently than old ones.

Newer, high-efficiency Air-conditioning systems utilize about Half the electricity of an old device. Be sure to check the SEER ratings in case you opt to buy a new system.



Address problems before they become problems.

Any of the aforementioned reasons can make your air conditioner for Run more frequently than it needs to, which will cost you even extra money. Your best option is to get hold of a professional and tell them you’ve got an A/C system operating continuously if you are concerned.

Chances are it is something easy. Even If It’s a more Important problem, addressing the repairs now will greatly lower your bills in the future.