Winter us well upon us and it can range from mild to bitterly cold, so it is best to be ready for anything. This means you get caught up on home preparation tasks like heating system maintenance. If maybe you are looking for a new heater, we recommend that you consult a professional.

As the temperatures lower you may feel the pressure to purchase whatever furnace you can get with your budget. But there are so many factors to consider in choosing a furnace for your home or business. It is important to get a professional to help you carry out your due diligence in picking a furnace. One of the most important factors is to decide whether you want an electric system or gas furnace.

Is Gas the Best Option?

For many homeowner’s natural gases is the optimal source of energy to use. They combust natural gas in order to heat the air which is then distributed throughout your home.  This makes it next to impossible to argue against modern gas furnaces whose effectiveness and efficiency is high.

Natural gas being a fairly affordable fuel source which burns efficiently and hot only makes it the more appealing. Unlike oil or propane natural gas is directly piped into your home, therefore, the fuel deliveries are on-site.

Could I Go Electric?

The answer is definitely yes and there are some solid reasons to do so. Most people who go for gas usually check the affordability of running a gas appliance continuously. But not all homes have access to natural gas hookups. For such homeowners, an electric furnace is the best and only option.

Although the latest furnaces are built with safety in mind, the fact of the matter is there is still an existing risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from gas furnaces. But you can protect yourself by having a carbon monoxide detector installed. If you’d rather have the whole exposure to risk eliminated altogether, you should then consider installing an electric furnace instead.

Trust a Professional for Your Furnace Installation

No matter the fuel source you decide on for your furnace, the whole heating system should be installed by a professional rather than trusting the work to an amateur. Reason being that only a well skilled and well-trained heating technician will understand how to properly size the system and match it to your home.

If a furnace, either gas or electric powered, should be installed by a professional HVAC technician in order to reduce the wear and tear of the furnace.