The most common plumbing problem that you are most likely to face in your South Mountain home is clogged drains. Clogged drains come in two types: the first is minor clogs which you can easily deal with using your simple tools and the second type is the major clogs, which need a more professional drain cleaning. It is key to be able to differentiate between the two in order to avoid water damage, wasted water and damage to your plumbing. Calling in a plumber to help with the major clogs is the best way to take care of the problem swiftly.

Plunging Doesn’t Always Work

Using a plunger when you notice a slow or clogged drain usually addresses the issue with ease. However, if the problem persists it is about that time you call in your professional plumber for drain cleaning in South Mountain, Ontario. It will be tempting to try to use drain cleaning chemicals to solve the issue. This may work but continuous use of drain cleaning chemicals may damage your plumbing and deteriorate.

Garbage Disposal Is Affected

The purpose of garbage disposal is to make kitchen cleanup fast and easy. These appliances are also prone to becoming clogged especially with overuse or when foods like bones are put down the drain. A professional plumber is best suited to handle the drain cleaning job as improper handling of the garbage disposal can cause damage to the disposal or injury to yourself. A plumber will handle the clog safely and quickly, leaving your disposal undamaged.

You Experience Widespread Breakups

The drainage system in your South Mountain home leads to a single sewer line which carries wastewater to the municipal sewer system. The drainage runs underground on your yard. The sewer lines are prone to get damaged with the common causes being tree roots, shifting soil, blockages and clogs.

Sewer line clogs are advised to always be handled by professional plumbers. Question is how do you know you have a backup? A sewer line clog can be identified when toilets experience backups or water backing up into sinks, tubs or showers. At the first sign of a sewer line clog, it is advisable to call your plumber immediately.

It is advisable to always have a professional plumber on call. This can be for either a routine plumbing maintenance check or for a 24-hour plumbing service you can access in case of an emergency. This always ensures you do not experience problems with your sewer line, garbage disposal or your general plumbing system.