Prevention is always better than cure. But this statement has lost its meaning due to constant use and repetition. But when it comes to fire safety it is bearable to repeat it over and over again. The destruction caused by fire can spread quickly and cause unprecedented damage to property and pose a threat to human life. The basic fire safety rule is always prevention.

Unfortunately, even the most careful families and households still face the risks of fire damage. The best prevention method is to inform the appropriate people about a fire early using smoke detectors.

Smoke Detectors

These are the appliances that alert you about a smoke, fire or life-threatening levels of carbon monoxide gas. It is well known that carbon monoxide cannot be seen and having a smoke detector can save your life and that of your family.

Smoke detectors, however, require to be replaced after every 7 years. It is key to always test your detectors to ensure they are functioning properly. Having smoke detectors in every room in the house lowers the risk of having a fire by almost half. This incredible statistic shows that with a smoke detector in every room can double the home’s fire security. When such effective safety measures are available for the taking at affordable rates it is next to impossible not to take advantage.

Installation of more than one smoke detector ensures the dangers of a fire are detected as soon as it starts. The smoke detector sends alerts to the nearest fire department giving them a head start to minimize the damage of fire and save lives.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

Maintenance for this important appliance is key. This is because having a smoke detector that does not function poses more danger than not actually having one installed. Most fires are caused by cigarettes, candles that have not been properly extinguished. Smouldering furniture or materials are major accelerants to fires. Electrical flames are common during power surges and should be dealt with immediately as they pose extreme danger.

No matter the type of fire there is usually a large amount of smoke thus the purpose of smoke detectors. This helps to find and contain the danger to your home security.

You should always make sure that your wired detectors are functioning and operational. After 7 years, it is advisable to replace the detector for a newer version.