In case your Water Heater leaks, repair or replace it right away. Leaks get worse over time and can result in significant damage! If you lease your own water heater, call your service provider. If you own your water heater, please contact the shop where you bought it.

If you’re dealing with a flow right now, follow these measures:

If a flow starts, locate the water supply valve and gas valve In your water heater. You will have to shut off both valves to limit water damage and stop gas flow into the burner.

The water supply valve is about the cold water pipe near the Top of your tank. (In some circumstances it might be a few feet away. You could also need to close off the water supply to the entire property. The valve is normally at the identical place as your water meter)

The water valve manage resembles a faucet or tap. You may Need to turn it a few times to close off the cold water supply to the tank.

The gas valve is normally about the gas pipe (aluminum or black ) That extends down to the bottom of the water heater. Use a small wrench to provide this valve a quarter turn.

Be sure to unplug the fan’s power cable.

Standard Safety Precautions

All water heaters need a few simple safety precautions. Be Sure to see the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and operating procedures. And to decrease the risk of scalding and help save energy, fix your water heater temperature to 54°C (130°F).

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