When the hot summer days in South Mountain turn humid and muggy it can become quite uncomfortable pretty fast. If your home is heating up and the humidity levels are building then you will be searching for solutions to restore the air quality in your home to comfortable levels.

There are several ways to accomplish this by closing your blinds during the day to keep out most of the Sun’s rays. It is also a good idea to keep your windows open on sides of the house where there is a breeze to circulate the air. If you don’t have any breeze or you find that none of these options are working then it is a very good idea to get your home air conditioning system running in peak condition.

Air conditioners are great at cooling the air and reducing moisture levels back to a comfortable level. This is especially important for those who have trouble sleeping at night when the air in your home is too humid and muggy.

When it comes to air conditioning many people are concerned about the cost of running your home AC central air all day long at cool temperatures. Well there are ways to keep your AC running in peak condition to ensure that you are maximizing your energy efficiency and thus reducing your cooling costs for your home.

It is important to frequently change your air conditioning filters or clean them if that is an option. This will help with air flow which improves efficiency and also keeps your air quality control in your home healthy which is good for the whole family! Additionally it is important to ensure that your air conditioning system is maintained for peak performance. If something sounds funny or the unit isn’t working as you expect it to then it is a good idea to give us a call and have one of our home cooling experts in South Mountain swing by for a service call.

We can quickly diagnose the issue and perform any necessary air conditioning repairs or tune-ups to make sure your home comfort is right where you want it.

Other ways to cut energy costs while cooling your home is to switch your AC unit into Fan Only mode to circulate the air throughout your house. This doesn’t necessarily cool your home the same way it does when running in air conditioning mode but on days where it is a little cooler outside and some areas of your home are cool then it can be beneficial to circulate the air.

Ceiling fans can also help with circulation and provide an extra level of coolness to a particular room. Overall the best thing you can have is a central air conditioning unit running in top performance and this comes with a little bit of maintenance as time goes by along with some effort on your end to close your blinds blocking out the heat and ensuring that your AC is topped up and ready for the season.