Heating is crucial and important for your home unless you reside in an area where the climate is hot. Homeowners spend both time and resources searching for the most appropriate home heating system. Considerations during this search are costs along the installation and utilization of the best heating system for your South Mountain, Ontario home.

Deducting unnecessary energy use is the easiest way to keep your money in your pocket. Below are some helpful tips to raise the heat of your home as you lower the bills:

  • Fill in Those Gaps – Letting the heat seep out is the last thing any homeowner wants especially if you have spent a pretty penny purchasing the most efficient heating system in the market. Ill sealed frames and raised light fittings and other openings resulting in heat loss from homes. It is advisable to use seals, strips of foam that expands to seal up those gaps.
  • Insulate is the Key – Layering up mineral wool in your South Mountain home is an affordable way to add extra insulation. Placing thick curtains or thick sticking transparent polythene film helps to insulate glass at windows. This is both efficient in stopping heat leaks and also cheap.
  • Discard and Remove Thermostats – Ultra-efficient learning thermostats automatically understand your patterns of temperature preference and automatically adjust. This saves you a bucket load of money. Some people are very cautious and keen on the room temperature and may keep adjusting it to fit their preferences this only costs you money.
  • Turn Down Water Heater – To reduce the amount of energy being consumed it is advisable to turn down the hot water heating system. This is because water has a specific heat capacity and reducing the temperature a little will save the money you spend on water-heating costs.
  • Let the Sunshine in – Opening curtains and drapes and letting the sun heat your home is free. This works best if your home has concrete floors as they have a huge updraft mass. This means the floors immerse up a lot of heat and emits it slowly. This is a natural way of heating that will cost you nothing at all.
  • Work Out and Exercise – Working out raises body temperature and reduces the number of times you need to turn on your heating system.

Heating your home especially during the winter season always punches a hole in your wallet but those days are gone. These six simple tips will make sure you heat your home and save a dime while you are at it. It can also help to have your heating system looked at by our professional home heating technicians.

Whether you need an energy efficient upgrade or complete new system, we will provide expert advice on selecting the correct type and size for your heating needs for your home or business.

  • Fireplaces
  • Radiant in floor heating systems
  • Unit heaters
  • Radiant heaters for shops
  • Suspended gas or propane unit heaters
  • Seasonal Tune-ups