For an efficiently and effectively working system, there is a commonly overlooked component of the air conditioner that should be given more attention. This part is the duct work. Some parts of the air ducts are exposed and easy to see, however, some may be hidden behind walls and crawl spaces. This makes it difficult to discover repair needs. But why does it matter to know if there is something wrong with your air duct?

Breached Duct Work

These are dents or punctures if your duct work is easily accessible it may be easy to spot these breaches. Most breaches, however, are less noticeable, they may be as small as a pinhole which may be letting out conditioned air which you still pay for. Breaches are a waste of both energy and money. It is not advisable to use duct tape to repair breaches on your HVAC system units.

Hot Spots

If there is limited cool air in your home or hot spots in your entire living space it is a sure sign that your duct work has a leak. On the other hand, this could just indicate that your duct work is blocked by vermin. Hot spots are clear indicators that your duct work has a leak, but if you are unsure it is still advisable to call your HVAC technicians. Hot spots can also be caused by malfunctioning thermostats that may be reading the wrong temperature or an air conditioner that was poorly sized during installation.

Poor Airflow

Comfort in your home may be compromised when your duct work is leaking, naturally, not as much air is going to come through the vents. Leaks mean that your air conditioner will have a hard time bringing the temperature down to the desired level since cool air is escaping from the leaks. This wears off the air conditioner faster and lowers its natural lifespan leaving you facing repairs or premature breakdowns.

Foul Odors

This is not a clear indicator of a damaged air duct, but it means that there is accumulated dust or dirt building up within it. This may lead to the development of mold and mildew. Humid summer days encourage the build-up and growth of bacteria. If you experience any foul smells it is important to call in a professional for duct cleaning. This helps you to avoid illness and any other unpleasantness caused by this problem. It is also beneficial to invest in the installation of UV lights that eliminates bacterial growth.

It is always advisable to keep an eye out for breaches on the duct work especially during the summer. The above signs will help ease the search and enable you to call in a technician before it is too late.