You may be wondering; when what’s your best time to shop for a new air conditioning unit? As you may expect, the warmer months are not usually the best time as demand is at an all time high and prices are usually more. The best time is during the off-season or just before the season to use your AC starts. If you are able to time it right you can take advantage of some great air conditioning promos with a local HVAC contractor like W.C. Robinson & Son Ltd. and have one of our air conditioning pros setup and install your new air conditioner.

By making your air conditioning purchase before you need it In the heat of summer, you have more time to study exactly which sort of air conditioning system will function best for your needs and you can also take advantage of cost-savings as mentioned above. Additionally, you can have your entire HVAC system inspected for proper functionality and additional modifications that can be made to save you money and optimize your home comfort.

You can make your buy at the off-season and schedule the Installation at a later period, when weather may be more perfect. Together with your project planned beforehand, the installer has the opportunity to generate custom made recommendations for your house and air conditioning demands, with less chance of errors being made when the project is completed.

By deciding on the best time to shop for air conditioning, then you can save money, obviously, but what’s more, you gain time and reduce the odds of making the wrong decision in a rush. And when it comes to significant projects in your home, time is a most welcomed advantage. Every house is different and also with specialist advice, you can select an efficient system which suits your house and provides the relaxation you are looking for.

Assessing Your Home Cooling Needs

Doing your research in the off-season gives you the time necessary to generate a thorough appraisal of your home cooling needs to truly understand the capacity and type of air-conditioning system you may need which can depend upon many things, including:

  • The size, age and layout of your home
  • The present air conditioning system you have (if any). Are you looking to replace a current AC system or are you installing central air from your house for the first time?
  • The features you want in the air conditioning system. Are you curious about Energy Efficiency, the latest technology out there or home automation?

The right system can add to a home’s comfort for many years to come, while selecting the incorrect system could be inefficient and cost you more money in the long run.

When obtaining a quote, you can also be proactive and share important information regarding your house with us to help you select the right unit and create the home cooling system of your dreams. Do you know the trouble spots in your house that are tough to keep cool? Is your house protected? Have you got ductwork or are you looking for ductless options?

By knowing your home and with an idea of exactly what you want, You’re able to work with the ideal expert to obtain the best central air-conditioning option for your property. Energy efficient air-conditioning systems are easier better for your pocket book but maybe your needs require a different unit. These are things that we can assess with you to find the most ideal home cooling solution for your home.

Central air conditioning systems can add value and comfort to your house and ensure that on those muggy, hot summer days you and your family can enjoy dinners together without wearing a bathing suit indoors. So, remember, by going ahead and picking the ideal time to look for a new air conditioning system, you will likely find lower costs, have significantly more time to do thorough research and receive expert tips for your home’s needs from our home cooling experts in South Mountain.

Take advantage of the Winter months and start of Spring to ensure your air conditioning system is chosen properly and installation can be planned out so that you are ready before summer strikes.