When selecting a residential area to live the main concern revolves around the wintertime especially on how cold it will get. This concern is very understandable but with a good furnace, you get the chance to get control over your indoor air quality. Having a heater or heating system is not enough as dry air presents many threats in the cold months. To compliment your HVAC system and solve this you can add a whole-house humidifier. Good news for all those who may have already started using their heaters is that it is never too late to add a humidifier to your HVAC system.

How Dry Air Threatens Your Home and Comfort

As the temperature lowers, the surrounding moisture in the air gets converted from gaseous to liquid form and departs from the atmosphere. Over spring and summer this air forms dew on the ground, but during winter it makes the air unbearably dry. When the level of humidity in the air drops it can have some adverse side effects including:

  • Cracking skin that leads to rashes and itching.
  • Dried membranes in your sinuses. This lowers your body’s ability to fight against colds and illnesses making you vulnerable to getting ill.
  • Static electricity. This is fun and amusing when you “shock” a family member, but this same static electricity could affect your electrical system. It could also create a fire hazard.

Dry air exerts pressure to your heating system making it work harder. This is because your home usually feels colder when the air is dry. Dry air causes damage to wallpaper and furnishing in general throughout your home.

How Does a Humidifier Work?

You might be aware of portable humidifiers which are used to keep indoor plants humid or even in babies’ rooms for cold recovery. The whole-house humidifiers work in the exact same way where a wick is fed into the water from a reservoir and a fan blows over it to release moisture.

With this action, humidity levels in your indoor environment rise and the irritable symptoms are completely eradicated. Complimenting your HVAC system with a whole-house humidifier could even lower the strain placed on your furnace by making the air feel warmer and not making you run the system as much.

Adding a humidifier will help improve the comfort of your home and protect you from illnesses caused by dry air. Consult a professional technician to get information on which is the best humidifier that will suit your home’s needs.