Choosing a residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for your home is a difficult and daunting task especially with the increasing number of options in the market. Selecting the perfect HVAC system will save you money, energy and fuel. It can also improve and raise your home’s value.

It is not a matter of selecting a brand of boiler or furnace, rather it is selecting the HVAC system best suited for your home’s area and construction materials. The first important thing to learn is the main types of central heating systems, taking note of the advantages and disadvantages.

The following are the main types of central heating systems used:

  • Electric Based

This is also known as resistance heating. It is a home heating option that directly converts electricity to heat. It is expensive in comparison to other home heating methods which use either propane, oil or natural gas. Electrical home boilers have the advantage of offering a central heating system and hot water in one.

  • Geothermal Heating

This home heating HVAC system transfers heat from the ground to your home. It utilizes the earth’ heat sink giving it an advantage on operational costs where it utilizes the moderate temperature of the ground. This heating system transfers heat rather than generate it making it convenient not only over the winter but also during the summer. It is considered to be more convenient for businesses rather than residential purposes.

  • Solar Based Heating

This HVAC system uses solar thermal collectors to provide central heating and hot water. It is widely considered the best and most innovative heating system for homes. The solar collectors heat the water and distribute it through pipe networks which are mounted on the roof. It also has a large thermal storage used for storing heat during the summer. It is cost-efficient and reliable for a steady supply of hot water.

  • Steam Heating

This is one of the oldest types of central heating. Here a burned bunker oil is used to produce steam. It is energy efficient, especially when used on a large scale. Pressurized steam is supplied through a central boiler and distributed using pipes running throughout the home.

  • Gas Central Heating System

This is the most common type of home heating systems and comprises three main types of heating methods: combination boiler, gravity fed, and high pressure.

The combination boiler heats water to the required temperature, eliminating the use of hot water storage.

Gravity fed relies on gravity to generate water pressure.

High pressure operates from the mains water supply at high pressure and is best for large homes and families.

When it comes to choosing an appropriate heating system for your home it is important to also take into consideration the appropriate size compared to the area to be heated.