50% of home monthly energy costs are attributed to heating and cooling costs. This is especially for homes that use older and outdated HVAC systems. If you are using an HVAC system that doesn’t work as it is supposed to chances are in order to keep your home climate at a comfortable level is actually costing you more than it should be.

Through advancements in technology, present-day thermostats are smarter than ever. If you are into using apps to control your home temperature easily from any location across the globe a smart thermostat could be the upgrade, you have been looking for. It gives you control over your usage history, energy saving stats and all the important information you may need.

Save on Energy Costs with These Intelligent Features

Smart thermostats are in no way strangers to the HVAC system market. Over the years there have been some great improvements. These improvements have brought about some amazing features that promise to transform the comfort and efficiency of your home. Here is a short list of all these intelligent features:

  • Remote access for easier and a more convenient temperature control.
  • Customized temperature limits to keep the climate within a certain range.
  • Notifications about changes in your home temperature.
  • Wi-Fi connection for weather forecasts and alerts.
  • Smart integration with smartphones.
  • Automatic scheduling to compliment your schedule.

Also, when there is an issue with your HVAC system or any critical changes there is a warning system in place. Having knowledge of your home’s cooling and heating system potentially helps you to save money and avoid high repair or replacement costs.

Selecting the Right Model

As you try to decide between models and you are indecisive about which one will serve all your needs here is a short list of the best-selling thermostats and some of their benefits:

  • EcoBee – This is well known for helping homeowners save up to 23% on their energy costs. It has incredible features like room sensor which regulates irregular temperatures within your home.
  • iComfort – This one thermostat offers unique features like Allergen Defender and filter changes.
  • Nest – This one of the top-rated thermostats in the market with features designed to help you save as much energy as possible.

Smart thermostats save energy and enhance efficiency allowing homeowners experience personalized and fine-tuned indoor climate from any location on the globe. Extra control makes it easier for all homeowners to know more about their HVAC systems no matter their living circumstances.